What Our Clients Are Saying.

“Pastor Maury Davis has been a great asset in my life as a leader. He has helped me to think though things and be healthier in my emotions and thought processes. He’s been a great resource to our church as we are trying to respond to God’s call and move to the next level and fulfill our potential. I’m very thankful for his friendship and his encouragement. I would highly recommend any pastors or churches that are trying to answer God’s call, and to get unstuck in some areas, to contact Maury Davis today and allow God to work through him to bring his wisdom and expertise to your situation.”

Richard Holmes

Lead Pastor, Trinity Harvest Church, Pikeville, KY

“I wouldn’t have my ministry without Maury Davis speaking to me as a leader.”

Sheila Harper

Founder/President, SaveOne

“Pastor Maury’s visionary leadership and unending passion was the catalyst for Cornerstone Church to grow and to become the largest Assemblies of God church in Tennessee. He desires to come alongside you and to equip you to lead your church to greater growth than ever. Pastor Maury powerfully poured himself into our Tennessee pastors via three leadership roundtables during 2018 and we are going to continue building upon his expertise in the coming years. He is also personally helping me to develop into a more effective leader as District Superintendent. Maury Davis Coaching will truly help you to advance forward!”

Terry G. Bailey

District Superintendent, Tennessee Assemblies of God Ministry Network

“Our sessions have energized me, my confidence has been boosted, and, most importantly, I am making changes that will impact my longevity as an entrepreneur. I cannot wait to see the long-term results of this partnership!”

Moren Adenubi, CRS, ITI

Managing Broker, Crown Realty Homes

“Pastor Maury Davis is a pastor to pastors and a leader of leaders. His years of experience is enlightening and can increase the speed of a leaders personal and ministerial growth astronomically. To me, the main thing that causes Pastor Maury’s coaching to be so rich is found in his transparency. He not only addresses and confesses his successes but his failures as well.”

Bobby Davis

Lead Pastor, Life Church, Cookeville, TN

“When I went on staff at Cornerstone Nashville in 2012, my Pastor looked at me, smiled, and said, “You think you know about leadership? Wait until you have to lead people that don’t have to follow you!” He was right- I knew nothing of leadership.

Under his guidance I quickly learned that leading from positional authority and leading from influence are two completely different things. Influence is only gained through equity and equity only gained by caring for and loving people.”

Jim Kubic

Lead Pastor, Launchpoint Church, Lebanon, TN

“I have journeyed with this man since 1994. He has modeled “seeking First the Kingdom of God.” He has been faithful and fruitful in leading his great church. Pastor Maury has been a friend and mentor, but in 2007 he became my pastor. As my pastor he taught how to move on from past mistakes to move forward into the future destiny God had for me, my wife and my family. He took me as a prodigal preacher to a founding pastor. For that I will be forever grateful for loving me to wholeness. I am watching now in his next step of moving to a place of future destiny for his life. He now models how to move from the old to the new and I am watching closely. If you are looking for a coach, consultant, mentor, pastor, evangelist or friend he has been all of them to me and I highly recommend him to you!

Dave Deerman

Lead Pastor, Centerpointe Church, Bowling Green, KY

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