What is your mindset regarding the accomplishment of your vision? It has been said that if your vision is achievable by yourself, then you’re thinking too small. But what does this mean when translated to our leadership? It’s rather simple: we must lose our attitude of doing and adopt one of developing and equipping others to do.

This is one of the fundamental differences between leadership and management. Managers focus on the completion of a task. They focus on resources, time, and what it will take to get the job done. They are usually number-oriented and look at the day-to-day operations. Leaders look at the bigger picture. They look at what it will take to accomplish their vision.

Leaders focus on developing those within their organizations. They focus on pouring into them and ensuring they are growing – which, in turn, results in the growth of the organization. Good leaders are people-focused.

While both leaders and managers are essential to operations, managers are much more common. To become a leader, one must be intentional in the process. They must do a deep dive into their mindset and motivations and be willing to make the necessary changes.


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