What’s your ultimate source of truth? As believers, it needs to be God’s Word. We need to remain rooted in the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and what we know is right. What is going on around us in our nation, no matter what it may be, shouldn’t affect our faith and relationship with our Creator, or our love for one another. We must be intentional about staying rooted in the truth and displaying the love that Jesus has shown to us.

Our culture has convinced many—believers included—that we should prioritize acting on emotions instead of the revelations in the Word of God. This is extremely twisted! We know we live in a fallen world. We ourselves are fallen and naturally sinful creatures. We must strive to talk, walk, and live according to the truth of God’s Word! The very essence of doing this means putting aside our earthly emotions and tendencies.

We also must be intentional about listening to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We are called to love others and be a display of God’s love—this comes before any sort of politics or division, which is the current reality of our nation, the world, and even many branches of the church. Many people are prioritizing their political beliefs, and not being an accurate example of the love of Jesus Christ. Don’t be afraid to go against society—love your neighbor as yourself!

In conclusion, the current state of politics, the church, our nation, and the world is one of division. We need to be intentional about staying in the truth of God’s Word and showing the love of Jesus Christ to those around us—even if they have wronged us. Don’t let the society of today conform you to the ways of the world. Get your priorities straight, remain rooted in the truth, and love one another!


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