Merriam-Webster defines opposition as an inclination to put the most favorable construction upon actions or events or to anticipate the best possible outcome. This does not mean that optimistic people will repeatedly face positive situations. In fact, quite the opposite. Being optimistic means you are looking at even the negative situations in a positive light.

So, how can we actually practice optimism? There’s only one source of hope that will lead to true and lasting optimism in our lives… Jesus Christ! When we realize this and start to put our hope and trust in Him, we gain a divine peace.

God intended His children to live with this peace. He didn’t intend for the events of the world to scare us and cause us to drift from Him. When you’re facing difficulty, it is hard to stay focused on and faithful to the Lord. But remember, if He is on your side, who could ever stand against you?

In conclusion, strive to be optimistic. You have every reason to hope and trust in the Lord and the numerous promises He has made you within His Word. Trust in Him and have confidence He will deliver you through your obstacles. Have faith in our Lord’s deliverance!

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