The Parable of the Talents is a short story, but we often miss its true meaning. Taking place in Matthew 25:14-30, the parable speaks of three servants. These servants are representative of Christians, and the master is representative of the Lord. While each servant had some amount of talents bestowed upon them by the master, only two of the servants multiplied what they had been given.

This multiplication is representative of our fruitfulness in the Kingdom of God. We have been gifted a relationship with the Lord and blessings in our lives. But, what are you doing with these blessings? Are you more concerned with being classified as ‘nice’ in today’s society than you are sowing seeds of salvation? Would you rather speak the truth in love and have someone get angry at you or not speak it at all and retain the title of ‘nice?’ Unfortunately, in today’s culture, people put their fruitfulness below being nice to others.

When we look at Jesus’ ministry on earth, we can see His love came first. He wasn’t concerned with being liked or being called nice by the Pharisees, Sadducees, or anyone He talked to. His first concern was speaking the truth, the whole truth! We, as followers of Him and God in heaven, should strive to follow His amazing example!

In a society that maliciously attacks each other for any wrongdoing, we must not be afraid of what others think of us. We must speak the truth in love and remember that God rewards our fruitfulness and not how nice we are to one another. We cannot become paralyzed by the fear of being called mean or unaccepted—we must speak the good news of Jesus Christ and be fruitful members of His eternal Kingdom!


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