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Why Do I Need a Coach?

World class athletes and business professionals hire coaches in their constant pursuit of excellence. People with coaches are more productive than people without coaches. When you shift your personal development from large church conferences to coaching, you’re making a commitment to accountability, creating individual tracks of personal growth, and creating a deeper understanding and satisfaction in your life and ministry.

Coaching can lift you up and give you the tools to reach for your vision. The one-on-one focus works to develop you as a leader on a personal level so that you can affect change in those around you. Coaching provides long-term growth through real life change, starting at the core of our churches: the leader.

Most of us have the same desire, whether in ministry or business. We all want our organization to grow faster, bigger, and become more fruitful. But our energy is stolen by the daily grind. Getting a coach is an intentional action to reclaim time and use it to produce momentum in your life and church.

Your Takeaway:




You will grow personally in YOUR own leadership abilities and strengths as well as identify your weaknesses and formulate plans to be successful in achieving your ultimate goal.


Strategic Growth


Learn to position people around you in enthusiastic places of authority so that you can manage the vision without minutia burn-out. You will walk away with a strategic roadmap that details where you are and the steps you need to take to get to where you want to be.




A lifting-up of your spirit—You will not be alone. As your coach, Maury is with you every step of this journey to offer encouragement, advice, and problem solve along the way. You will be free to think at higher levels and engage people effectively. You will finally be able to voice your concerns in a safe environment and have solid advice and inspiration from someone who has walked this path.



Let Maury Coach You!


Want to breakthrough your limitations? Get unstuck? Become someone who can lead and affect change?

“Three years ago, I was in a place of despair and would probably not be pastoring the church I love if it had not been for Pastor Maury Davis coaching me. He came in locked arms with me, loved me and led me. I will forever be grateful.”

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Bobby Davis

Lead Pastor, Life Church, Cookeville, TN

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