As leaders, it is essential we introspect. We need to consistently analyze our mindset, our methods, and all we do organizationally to ensure it stays efficient, effective, and thriving. If we aren’t intentional in introspection, we’ll decline, and eventually, our organization will come to a full halt. While introspection starts with us, sometimes we may need outside help to make it effective.

Introspection on the surface level is important, but sometimes we need to go deeper. On the surface, we can analyze our actions, our perspective on things, and outcomes. Oftentimes, however, this surface-level of introspection doesn’t give a clear view into our motivations, the perspectives of others, or the bigger picture.

This is where the outside help comes into play – oftentimes, a coach, counselor, or mentor from the outside can give light to the situation by looking at it with a fresh set of eyes. They can ask the difficult questions often necessary to take steps forward. While a coach is important, getting God involved in the introspection process is even more so – with God helping us in introspection, we can ensure we are transformed in our areas of weakness.

In conclusion, introspection starts with us as leaders – and we need to be intentional in the process of introspection. But oftentimes, we can’t do it alone. Recognize the need for outside help, from others and God, in your introspection!


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