People oftentimes talk about their desire to reach their full potential. They say they want to grow, develop themselves, and reach their capacity. But, the same people who ever-so passionately say this aren’t willing to put in the effort it takes today to see results tomorrow. The truth is, there is one major factor that determines whether or not we meet our capacity—our emotional health!

In order to reach our potential, we must be intentional about staying emotionally healthy. If we’re operating from a place of hurt, brokenness, and pain, we won’t grow! New challenges in our life will fill us with worry and anxiety, and we won’t look at them the same way as if we were healthy!

But, how do we stay emotionally healthy in a world filled with uncertainty, sin, and despair? Look to God! Putting God first in your life will cause everything else to fall into place. When you build your life upon Jesus Christ, the rock, the best foundation—the only effective foundation—you’ll look at storms, obstacles, and trials in a completely new light!

The only question is, do you really want to reach your full potential? If you don’t, close this blog, and carry on normally. Don’t take any of it to heart! If you do want to reach your potential, be intentional about your emotional health. Strive to operate from an effective place and put God first in your life. Take the necessary steps today to reach your capacity tomorrow!


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