Oftentimes, leaders will helicopter over those they lead. They will nit-pick projects in real-time and not give their staff room to breathe or freedom to create and innovate. Even worse, leaders like this sometimes believe they are empowering those they lead – they believe that through their multitude of corrections, they are helping the individual grow.

While correction is essential for growth, we can’t micromanage. When we don’t give our staff room to fail, learn, adapt, and grow, we aren’t doing them any favors. By micromanaging them, we are stunting their growth and killing their confidence in their work. This may work short-term, but long-term your organization will decline – every time.

Instead, we need to empower those we lead. We need to equip them with the tools, motivation, inspiration, and confidence they need to excel in whatever position they may be in. We need to be intentional in doing this – and giving them the space to learn on their own as well. Remember, while correction is important, too unneeded correction is harmful

In conclusion, seek to empower those you lead, not micromanage them. Think about the longevity of your organization and the individual. Invest in those you lead – they are your legacy, and possibly the future of your organization.

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