What is coaching?

Life coaching is not just about finding your best life and God’s gifts, but about putting those gifts to work for you. Maury’s coaching focus is empowering you to move forward with confidence and wisdom. Within your heart and soul, God has placed the answers to your situation, challenges, and dreams. Let Maury help you discover your own uniqueness and potential, and then put that potential into a plan of action that can jump-start your life change.

Why do I need coaching now?

Time is the only thing we are called to redeem. Managing our time effectively means producing results more quickly. There is no better time to reach your goals than right now, in the present. Do not live by regret.

What will I gain with consulting?

How often have you said to yourself, “I just need a workable plan!” Consulting allows for broad team collaboration. Consulting focuses on creating an understanding of your starting point, your goals, your stakeholders, challenges or assets, and then putting all of this knowledge into a workable plan that can ultimately move you and your team forward. Consulting is all about getting everyone on board and rowing in the same direction!

Is Maury available to preach at my church?

Absolutely! Reach out today to schedule a visit.

When should I reach out to Maury?

Dream big. Dream now. Time is the only thing we are called to redeem. Managing our time effectively means producing results more quickly. Who wants to wait a moment longer than necessary to get their life, their church, or their company on a better path? There is no better time to reach your goals than right now, in the present. Do not live by regret. Reach out now.

What will I gain from coaching?

Empowerment created by an intense and supportive focus on your goals. Coaching puts your goals for personal, corporate, and organizational growth front and center. Whether you are in the process of vision casting, growing a business, or even identifying the pain points of a ministry, coaching guides you through a journey of discovery, decision points, and goal setting that will allow you to identify and use your natural gifts. You’ll assess and identify your aptitudes, and work one on one with a coach whose goal is to help you win in your life, in your career, or in your ministry.

What is consulting?

Consulting goes beyond a coaching conversation. Consulting is like having someone jump into the trenches with you! Together—you and your consultant—will not only have the conversations, but you’ll make the analyses and explorations of new strategies, structures, and systems needed to pinpoint effective steps that will move your organization forward. Consulting, after study and fact-finding specifics to your situation, identifies areas of pain and frustration in growth and creates a plan of specific steps to move you toward success.

Why do I need consulting now?

Consulting is more than just being told what to do to reach the next goal. It is conversations, analyses, and explorations of new strategies to pinpoint effective steps to move forward and move onward. Consulting identifies areas of pain and frustrations and specific steps to move on to greater success.

What do I gain as a partner?

Instant access to specific video content, podcasts, blog access, and communication directly from Maury on a monthly basis. You will receive exclusive and original materials specific to growing your ministry. You will also have access to Maury for questions along the way. Becoming a partner gives you ongoing resources you’ll return to time and again.

What will Maury preach about when he comes to our church?

Some churches are excited to have Maury tailor his sermon specifically to their needs. Whether you define a topic or not, we promise that Maury’s sermon will be thought-provoking and leave you challenged and encouraged.

I’m new to ministry. Is coaching really for me? Yes. And now! Why? It’s never too early to have an experienced mentor who’s been in your shoes engaging you in the discussion of your vision for your ministry and inspiring you to personal development. Coaching will strengthen you as a leader, vision caster, and executor of your dreams.

If there isn’t a question that you see, feel free to contact us!

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