Are you comfortable and confident with who you are as an individual and as a leader? Many times, instead of learning from successful people who have gone before us, we instead emulate them as individuals. While it is important to learn from other leaders, we can’t get caught up in imitation.

God made us each uniquely. We are each one of one – there is no one in the world quite like this. This means we each have a unique role to play in God’s Kingdom. We are the only ones who can fit in the role that God designed. By getting caught up in imitating others, we are neglecting to fulfill this role.

God can use every aspect of your character, interests, and life to impact others, right down to your life-long imperfections, current struggles, and dark past. When we recognize this and embrace our unique role in God’s Kingdom, we can more effectively serve Him and be confident in our role.

In conclusion, be you. There’s no one else in the past, present, and future of the world that can be you quite like you can. Embrace who you are and strive to fulfill the plans God has mapped out for you even before you were created. You are a one-of-one creation of the Lord!


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