Often, people are torn between politics and ministry, not knowing which one should take precedence, and to what extent. That fact of the matter is, the ministry of the Kingdom of God is far greater than any form of politics. Putting God first will give us clarity, peace, and guidance in our lives. But does this mean that we shouldn’t talk about politics at all?

No! There are times and places for politics. This does not mean that ministry has to be void of all political discussion! However, we should be sure that our calling is never so much as tainted by our political passions. When we focus too much on politics, we lose focus on our true priority of ministry. No matter your political views, everyone is welcome in God’s Kingdom!

How do you handle politics in your ministry? The key here is to trust in your congregation! Don’t tell them how to vote. Your responsibility as a spiritual leader is to equip them with the knowledge of God’s Word and let them make the decision. Don’t take it upon yourself to guide them through your political agenda!

In conclusion, politics should not take precedent over our ministry efforts. Don’t let your political ideals affect your ministry! Be aware of the political climate and culture, but don’t attempt to sway people to one side or the other—give them the truth of God’s Word and let Him guide them to the conclusion!

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