Why I Believe In Santa Claus


The Man. The Message, The Master. Maury Davis dives in and tells us why he believes in Santa Claus.



I believe in Santa Claus. He was a compassionate soul, generous, loving, and unwavering in his belief. He was a man with a message only seeking to serve the Master. He changed the world.

The Man. The story of a man, born to plenty, but orphaned to an incredible life of service. Nicholas learned the secrets to giving by leaving treasures in the stillness of the night. Known as the kind bishop, the Christ Kind, SinterKlass, and eventually Santa Claus, he is a manifestation of the spirit of giving that inspires us each holiday season to bless those in need.

The Message.  The key to blessing, abundance, and joy is found in the Word and modeled in Nicholas’s life. He found the key and shared it with the world. God wants us to give cheerfully, to give secretly, to give in worship, to give correctly, and ultimately to give fearlessly in absolute faith that He will meet all of our needs.

The Master. The ultimate gift, sent to a dying world, paid the price for our sins. Jesus lived a life of compassion, consistently showing His followers that blessings lie in what you are willing to give. More than the reason for the season, His generosity and instruction are the heart of a life well-lived.

Do you believe?

Note: this is a hardcover book. Not available for download.