What is the motivation behind your leadership? Are you seeking job security? Approval from your peers? Are you trying to prove something? When we let our leadership be driven by shadow motives – whether we’re aware of them or not – they will drastically impact our effectiveness, growth, and longevity.

We can’t be trying to prove something through our leadership. We need to strive to be the best we can be in our leadership roles – wherever God decides to place us. When our primary factor is advancing God’s kingdom, we don’t do things in the pursuit of approval or recognition. We instead operate out of faith and love.

When we start doing a deep dive into our motivations, we may experience roadblocks. We may need outside help to help point out our flaws, hidden motivations, and areas of weakness. Be open to getting this outside help – the state of your motivations may depend on it!

In closing, let’s each be intentional about analyzing the motives behind our leadership. Let’s get outside help to assist us in diving deeper and uncovering the difficult truths. Let’s recognize that our true motivation should be following God in faith, and not seeking approval, recognition, or praise from those around us!

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