In our day and age, many are filled with anxiety, confusion, and fear. There are a multitude of problems and events that are outside of our control. These situations, if we dwell on them unchecked, can pollute our minds and cause us to be pessimistic about the situation and even our own life. The solution when this happens is simple: to start on the inside!

Start on the inside – start with what you do have control over. You can control how you think, act, what emotions you give power to, and so much more. When we focus on ourselves and growing and developing ourselves through prayer, reading God’s Word, and introspection, we are focusing on what we are called to focus on.

That’s right – these external events are out of our control. Worrying about them and thinking negatively about them does nothing to benefit the situation or ourselves. Instead, we must focus on the one thing we can control: ourselves.

In conclusion, as fear, anxiety, confusion, and hysteria arise in the world, Christ called us to be different. We can find supernatural peace in Him and the promises of God that are throughout God’s Word. We must stay focused on Him and developing ourselves – not on what we can’t control. We must learn to start on the inside!


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