In life, we will face adversity. We will face obstacles, enemies, and opposition that, in our own power, seems unstoppable. But, as believers, as children of God, we know that when God is with us, no one could possibly stand against us. We need to remember this in our times of trial and tribulation. Remember that God is with you, and the adversity you currently experience is only temporary at best.

Just as it says in Romans 8:31 NIV, “What, then shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” When God is on our side – our Creator, our Father, and the all-powerful living God of the universe – no one holds a light to the power of God! We have to remember this always and find courage and confidence in the fact that our Lord and Savior is always by our side.

Once we establish God as being always with us, even in our times of struggle, we can start to overcome the adversity that may exist within our lives. We can start to look at it from a fresh perspective – one that sees the bigger picture through the Kingdom-lens. With God on our side, no matter what we go through, it is temporary!

In closing, we can’t let the inevitable adversities of life stop us from our relationship with God. We have to continue to pour into Him and always remember He is by our side. He does not leave us in our times of trouble Remember this next time you are facing an obstacle – with God, you have more than you need to overcome and advance!

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