What is your key responsibility? Is it your role as a leader? Is it your role in ministry? Today, I want to challenge your preconceived notion of what your lead responsibility actually is, it’s not any of the before-listed items, but instead your mind.

By the mind, I don’t mean just your thoughts, your skillsets, or your feelings – it’s all-encompassing. This also includes your relationship with God. We need to be intentional about investing in ourselves, our feelings, our emotions, our spiritual life, and also guarding our minds against the influences of the world.

When we’re intentional in this process, we can ensure we stay effective in our other responsibilities. No matter what role we may serve in, when we’re diligent about investing in ourselves and keeping ourselves mentally, emotionally, and spiritually effective, we will stay effective.

In conclusion, be sure you recognize what your first and foremost responsibility actually is. Don’t get so caught up in your current ministry, work, or leadership role that you forget about investing in and guarding your own mind! Don’t lose sight of your key responsibility.

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