The Bible is the living Word of God. It is a manual on how to live life like God intended, a story of God’s grace, and our way to connect and grow in relationship with our Creator. If we aren’t using the Bible as the foundation of our lives, what are we doing? If we don’t have God at the center of our lives – as the rock that keeps us stable amidst storms – then we are bound to fail.

When we rely on worldly morals or guidelines to help us live, we are not living like God intended. The Bible makes it clear how we should act, how we should pray, how we should love, and so forth. The best-selling book of all time says it like it is – it doesn’t try to increase its sale numbers by saying what people want to hear. It is the truth!

When we use the Bible as the foundation of our lives, we can ensure we are operating under God’s approval and thus, under His blessing. When we follow His guidance in our lives, we see the promises of God that are throughout the Bible begin to take root in our lives.

In conclusion, if we use anything other than God and His Word for our foundation in life, we are setting ourselves up for failure. Just as a fool builds his house on the sand and it washes away with the next high tide, we too are putting our faith in the temporary things of the world that will only end up disappointing us. Have faith in the Lord – make Him the foundation of your life!

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