Do you take the time to celebrate others in their wins and accomplishments? Do you invest effort into encouraging those you lead? Oftentimes, leaders lose sight of encouraging staff amidst the pursuit of the organization’s mission, leaving the organization running far from its potential. The reality is, encouragement and celebration need to be an essential tool in any great leader’s arsenal.

How can you encourage those you lead? This is where it gets more complex. Each person is different, their motivation factors vary, and what they need to feel encouraged is far from uniform. As a leader, you’ll have to vary your approach to each individual. Take the time to learn the ins-and-outs of your staff!

Once you recognize each staff as unique, you can start uplifting them effectively. Using the right factors of motivation for each person will result in a healthy, strong organization. When your staff is valued and they recognize it, they produce their best work! Make this the case for the staff throughout the entire organization—make your operation as effective as possible!

Whether it be encouraging staff to persist through a difficult task, or celebrating the accomplishment of a new employee, make sure you are doing what you can as a leader to uplift those that follow you. People require recognition and encouragement, make sure you are fulfilling this necessity as a leader. Once you do, your staff, and the organization as a whole, will operate efficiently.


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