What are you doing to develop yourself? Many times, people aren’t intentional about their growth, and thus, it never happens. To develop ourselves, we should challenge our ways of thinking, and invest in our growth! These can be accomplished in a variety of ways; the important part is your follow-through with the process!

The first way of developing yourself is by investing in yourself. Many times, when people think of an investment, they assume it must be monetary. This is not the case! You can invest money, time, or effort into your development! Without your invested resources, you can’t expect to grow!

Your development is also heavily dependent on how you challenge yourself and your ways of thinking. When we read or listen to content that is beyond our normal perspective, we challenge our thinking, forcing growth within us. We should always be searching for content that can help us grow and develop our mindset in pursuit of our purpose!

In conclusion, no matter what your industry, field, or calling, you should be working to develop yourself. Whether this happens through investing resources or consuming challenging content is up to you, but whatever you decide, make sure you are intentional about the process! Strive to develop yourself on your journey to achieving your purpose!

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