Are you focusing on your future? We have to be intentional about where we are going in life if we want to get the results we want. This is not a one-time thing—we must consistently set our eyes on the prize. Strive to continue to look ahead towards the goals you are trying to achieve, and don’t let the obstacles, difficulties, or adversity that you are sure to experience stop you from your journey to achieving it.

Many people get caught up in their past. They are stuck looking back at their past failures or even past successes. While it is important to learn from our past, if we dwell on it and aren’t looking to the future, we can forget about achieving our goals. Keeping your eyes set on the future and your goals will keep you intentional about your journey in getting there.

Just because we have our eyes set on the prize doesn’t mean it will be an easy journey. Life brings pain, difficulty, and uncertainty. It’s inevitable! The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can start to overcome these obstacles! Don’t let the adversity or challenging situations along your journey stop you from your potential! Push through the roadblocks—stay on the path to success!

Your future is up to you. Strive to live up to your God-given potential—grow and develop yourself along your journey to achieving your goals. Be intentional about your day to day operations, and keep your eyes set on the future! Only when we are focusing on the future can we achieve our goals and fulfill God’s perfect plan for us!

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