A leader needs to be able to help those he or she leads—in their pains, their problems, and their dilemmas. This can’t be accomplished if the leader is too focused on themselves, their pains, and their personal problems. To be effective, leaders must be intentional about getting past themselves. This can be accomplished through the mindset that they adopt, and through putting others before themselves. Are you capable of getting past yourself?

To help those they lead, leaders need to put others first. Many leaders today wish to be understood by their staff, their congregation, and their volunteers. If you only come to those you lead with negative news about your life and what you’re going through, you won’t be an effective leader. There, of course, needs to be time for you to deal with the problems of your life, but when it dominates your agenda, you won’t have any time or energy to pour into the lives of those who follow you.

Leaders also need to be intentional about adopting the correct, healthy mindset. Are you focusing on the costs of being a leader and the challenges that it may bring? Or, are you focusing on the blessings that are associated with your God-given position? The choice is yours. If we aren’t intentional about adopting the right mindset, we can’t be a healthy, effective, efficient leader.

In conclusion, in order to be effective in our leadership, we must focus on first getting past ourselves. Getting past our personal problems, our pains, and our struggles can be hard, but when we are intentional in putting others before ourselves and focusing on the blessings of our lives, we can see success! The question that remains is, are you ready to get past yourself and step into truly effective leadership?

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