What do you do when your organization faces a period of stagnation? In our development journey, it is quite common for us to hit roadblocks, halting our growth. When this happens, look to exposure for growth! Through exposure, we can develop ourselves and learn new, innovative ideas from those outside our immediate culture and generation!

Who can you expose yourself to? Anyone who does it differently! You don’t have to agree with their why, when, or how but taking the time to analyze their processes, systems, and structures will shower you with a myriad of new ideas that will surely get your organization out of its rut!

Even if you aren’t applying these new ideas, they can refresh your mindset! Just stepping out of your organization and its week-to-week functions can give you a new perspective on your organization, and give you new, innovative ideas of your own!

In conclusion, whether you’re utilizing the ideas, systems, and processes of other organizations, or coming up with your own with your new-found perspective, exposure will lead to your growth! Your organization will benefit greatly from you taking the time to observe other organizations and businesses, even if they aren’t in your industry! Take the time to expose yourself—be intentional about your growth!


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