Do you trust your staff to get the job done, and done right? If you don’t, you might find yourself over the shoulder of one of your staff, instructing them on how to get a task completed. This may ensure that you get the job done the way you want it that time but micromanaging on the macro scale hurts your organization on all levels greatly! Strive to trust your staff with the operation and stop all micromanagement!

The biggest and most common reason behind a micromanage-oriented organization is lack of trust. When trust isn’t present, leadership micromanages to ensure they get the job done right. This micromanagement, however, causes a reinforcement of lack of trust, causing a recurring cycle. This cycle can be hard to break, but it starts with trust! Work to build confidence and trust throughout your organization!

The next big factor that often leads to micromanaging is incorrect metrics of success! Putting success metrics over development may result in meeting short-term goals—but there is no long-term growth! When we are working to develop our organization, showing trust and confidence in your staff can give them what they need to grow, fail, learn, and develop themselves and a valuable, effective member of your organization!

In conclusion, no matter what the reasoning behind the micromanagement is—it is hurting your organization. When organizations have enough trust, confidence, and safety to learn, fail, and grow, they operate to their capacity! Strive to make your organization a micromanagement free zone—you’ll be much more effective as a result!

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