As a believer, are you spreading hope, or fear? Are you spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and giving hope to those around you, or are you spreading fear and causing people to panic? Jesus Christ was not a fearmonger. Instead of constantly preaching on hell, punishment, and eternal damnation, He spread the good news, He spread hope. We must strive to do the same!

While fear certainly does have its place, it shouldn’t be our sole motivating operation. Spreading fear without hope is not the solution and can even be detrimental to future believers and their faith. We cannot operate this way, instead, we should be spreading hope! We should be spreading the good news of Christ’s selfless sacrifice and God’s love for us.

When we operate in hope, we operate in love. Fear can push people to a false conversion, whereas hope can give them the bigger picture and help them see God’s love for them. We are meant to be a display of God’s love to those around us, we are meant to operate in love, just as Jesus did. Instead of telling sinners of their impending doom, He taught and showed them hope. We must strive to do the same!

So, the only question that remains is, will you choose to spread fear or hope? Will you be a fearmonger and speak of only punishments and consequences, or will you give hope to others by telling them of God’s love and Christ’s sacrifice? Strive to spread the good news of Christ, strive to spread hope, not fear! Follow Christ’s perfect example!

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