Oftentimes, when things are going well, we find it easy to be happy and to hold onto our joy. But when things start to get difficult, it seems we can’t keep our joy, no matter how hard we try. I want to challenge you today to look at joy differently: look at Jesus Christ as your sole source of joy. When your joy comes from Him and not from the things of the world, it will be consistent and reliable!

When we find joy in the things of the world, we are setting ourselves up to be hurt. Everything in the world is temporary—whether it be possessions, recognition, prestige, or titles, we shouldn’t be looking to any of it for our happiness. Philippians 4:4 sums up what our mindset should be: “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!”

When our joy comes from the Lord—who is everlasting—our joy will also be everlasting. When we have faith in God and His plans for our future, we will be joyous even when in the present, bad things may be occurring. We can simply focus our attention on the future we know will be better than the present thanks to God’s power!

In conclusion, be intentional about your joy. Don’t get your joy from the temporary things of this world. Look to God amidst the uncertainty that life brings and make sure He is the sole source of your joy. Hold onto your joy amidst the confusion and uncertainty present in the world!

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