The world as we know it is changing day by day. Opinions are shifting, science and technology are advancing, and division is at an all-time high. As leaders, it is essential we embrace the change and adapt to the times. While this is true, we also must make sure we stay rooted in the truth and remain uncompromising in our morality.

If we don’t embrace change, we’ll crash and burn. Plain as that. We have to roll with the times and adapt accordingly to remain effective. This means staying up to date on current events, investing in your learning, and being intentional about what you’re influencing yourself. While all this is important, if we lose focus of what’s truly important in life, we’ll miss the mark as leaders.

If we’re focusing too much on our organizations – whether it be a business or ministry – and not God’s guidance in our lives, we’ll come up short on what matters every time. We have to stay rooted in His truth and His purpose for our lives. When we put Him first and use Him as our pivot point, we’ll be able to effectively adapt to whatever change may come.

In conclusion, it’s important for leaders to embrace change and adapt. They must be intentional about doing so. But, as leaders, if we lose sight of God and His better-than-our-own, perfect plan for us, what are we really leading for? Maybe He should have chosen someone else… Today, I challenge you to embrace change, seek effectiveness, and use God and His truth as your pivot point.


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