What comes first in your life? Do you operate according to what nation you are a part of? Or, do you put God’s Kingdom above all? When we are intentional about putting God’s Kingdom first, we can effectively operate in love and grace, and become fruitful members of His Kingdom, just as He intended for us.

When we put our country first, we lose sight of what’s really important. The Bible makes it clear in Romans 13:1 (NIV), “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.” Recognizing that God is in control of all, how could we put nationalism above the Kingdom-view?

When we make the Kingdom-view our primary lens for how we see the world and those around us, we will operate in love, grace, and effectiveness for God’s Kingdom! We must recognize what is truly important in our temporal life here on earth—spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and His selfless sacrifice! If we aren’t putting God first in our lives and operating from a Kingdom-first perspective, we’ve got it all wrong!

So, in a world where people put their worldviews, nationalism, self-identity, and fleshy desires first, be unique. Put others first. Adopt a Kingdom-view—one that puts God first in your life and strives to operate from a place of love for others. A perspective that effectively displays the love and grace God has shown you to those around you. Put God first!

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