Who are you letting influence your life? It is essential we are aware and intentional of who we are letting speak into our lives. Oftentimes, we listen to advice from individuals who are under qualified for our situations but have strong opinions, nonetheless. We need to be careful about who’s advice we are listening to, and at all times, stay rooted in the truth!

It is common for people with strong opinions to share them, and oftentimes, we listen to their advice. We need to be careful about heeding the advice of underqualified, inexperienced individuals. They may have a strong opinion, but they just don’t have the experience to give us good advice. They may offer up the advice lovingly and with good intentions, but that doesn’t change how bad it may be!

The key is to be intentional when listening to advice. Listen to advice from people who know what they’re talking about—the people with education in the field, past experiences in similar situations, and an overall better grasp on how to effectively handle the circumstance you’re in. In addition to this, root yourself in the truth of God’s Word—make sure you’re operating within its guidance at all times!

In conclusion, you must be intentional when selecting what advice to listen to in your given situation. Just because someone gives you advice doesn’t mean they are qualified to do so. Even if they are giving it with the right motives, make sure you’re only listening to the advice from experienced individuals! Be intentional about who you’re letting speak into your life!

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